School Workshops

Since MP Smarter Travel started back in 2012, we’ve worked with schools across London to deliver our School workshops and assemblies, teaching thousands of primary and secondary school children the dangers of air pollution and how we can reduce our impact and improve our health.

Breathe Clean

As part of our Breathe Clean service, we hold two assemblies, the first of which covers:

  • What air pollution is
  • What causes air pollution
  • How it impacts our health
  • How we can monitor the air around us
  • How we can reduce pollution

After the assembly, working with a group of students, we place diffusion tubes in specific locations around the school. We show the students how to fit the tubes and explain how they work.

Around four weeks later, we collect the diffusion tubes to have them analysed, once we’ve received the results, we head back to the school to deliver our second assembly, where we share the results and explain effective solutions to help improve the air quality.


Our anti-idling service consists of a day-long visit to a school, we deliver three workshops to different classes – each consisting of an interactive assembly and a creative poster making activity.

What our workshops cover:

  • What engine idling is
  • How engine idling impacts the air and our health
  • How we can monitor air pollution
  • How to reduce air pollution and encourage drivers to stop idling

Towards the end of the school day, we’ll work with a small group of students and staff volunteers to engage idling drivers outside of school, asking them to switch off their engines. Students lead on engagement, imparting what they’ve learnt on drivers. Drivers respond very positively to the activity and students leave the event feeling empowered.

Following the day of workshops, our staff will collate the student posters to make a school anti-idling banner, which is printed, ready to be displayed outside of the school.


“The anti-idling event had pupils coming back into school buzzing about the important message they had been able to get across to parents.”

Gidea Park Primary School

How we can help you 

Our interactive school workshops are available throughout the school year and can be tailored to schools in your area.

For more information on our school workshops and assemblies contact us at, call us on 0207 960 2553 or fill in the form below.

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