Healthy Walking Maps


Our Healthy Walking Maps guide families along the safest and least polluted routes, helping students get to and from school, highlighting key routes through neighbourhoods and navigating key walking routes.

Our healthy walking maps are built through direct observation. Our team cycle or walk each street, plotting both positive and negative road safety, accessibility, and air pollution points. We then use these plotted points to select our healthy routes. Schools and local authorities receive both public-facing maps, and the results of our direct observations.


How we do it

  • Identify the key area and primary use case for the map.
  • Our team goes out to the local area looking for potential hazards, infrastructure, sources of pollution, traffic flows, crossings etc.
  • Our observations are then overlaid with modelled air pollution data to plot healthy and safe routes.
  • Share a digital or printed map with school students and their parents.


Why use healthy routes?

We know that in London boroughs, there are 250,000 car trips every morning to take students to school. These trips present risk through inactivity, air pollution and collisions. These risks can be reduced by encouraging a switch to more sustainable travel, and for those walking and cycling to use healthier streets, often off the main road. Research by King’s College London shows that using side streets can reduce pollution exposure by an average 53%. Our maps help families see walking and cycling as accessible and attractive.


How we can help you

Help reduce air pollution in your area and encourage more active travel with our Healthy Walking Maps. For more information on our Healthy Walking Maps service or our school programs, contact or fill in the form below.

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