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With the increasing movement of freight globally, most commonly by road, there is growing demand to tackle the associated negative environmental, health and social impacts of increased deliveries.

It can be a struggle to unpick complex freight and logistics arrangements in a given area. We can help you understand your local deliveries, recommend measures to minimise freight impact, support businesses to deliver efficiently and cost effectively, and limit the negative impacts of deliveries. 

We’ve worked with local councils and businesses to conduct in-person business surveys, collecting data on local freight and logistics trips. Using the information gathered from survey responses, we recommend and implement successful freight mitigation measures such as retiming of deliveries, selecting low-emission suppliers for PSL, consolidating deliveries or changing vehicles to more sustainable alternatives.

What we can offer


Micro-hub service

Working with local authorities, business improvement districts (BIDs) and logistics firms, we can undertake a freight micro-hub feasibility assessment, identifying the ideal location, size and operational model for a new micro-hub. We’ll also build a plan that ensures the site is fit for purpose and cost-effective while ensuring it has the largest possible positive impact on local freight trips.

In-person surveys

We specialise in in-person engagement, so we’ll hit the streets surveying a representative sample of local businesses to better understand their current operations, barriers to adopting sustainable travel and a scope for change. Survey results can inform a freight strategy for the local area.

Tender process management

MP Smarter Travel can design, manage and assess tender processes to identify the ideal operator for a consolidation centre, or to identify a preferred supplier. We have strong impartial relationships with low-emission freight and servicing organisations, allowing us to quickly contact the market and shortlist interested organisations.

Case Study

We worked with Islington Council to design, install, promote and manage the creation of a micro-logistics hub in north London, for local businesses to store excess stock. To do this, we:

Procured a well-located site for the centre
We then procured a local cargo bike operator to both manage the centre and complete local business deliveries
Working with the operator we fit out the HGV-accessible site to most efficiently store stock and complete last-mile deliveries
Our team then engaged and convinced local businesses to use the site

By the end of the project we had filled all of the storage spaces within the site, allowing local businesses to increase the volume and decrease the frequency of their inbound deliveries, saving the businesses money. HGVs were therefore visiting the area less frequently, with no need to drive down or park on the busy high street. Instead, stock was brought to the businesses in manageable quantities by zero tailpipe emission cargo bikes.

Cargo bikes cycling in Bank, London.

How we can help you

Our team are committed to helping freight move smoothly through our urban areas while minimising impact on people and planet. For more information on our freight and logistics service contact or fill in the form below.

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