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We help make invisible air pollution, visible with our air quality monitoring service. Air quality monitoring is a crucial evaluation methodology that can be used for new highways schemes, Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) or school streets, helping to gauge the impact of these schemes. Working with local authorities, schools, organisations and businesses, our team can manage air quality monitoring for your area from procuring equipment to the final reports.

We deliver this service across entire boroughs, monitoring air quality and providing recommendations on how to reduce pollution. All our equipment is installed by bicycle, ensuring we do not contribute to the pollution we are measuring. Once collected, we’ll gather, analyse and report on the results.

We can also combine air pollution data with our GIS services, creating eye-catching maps for reports or public consultations.

As part of our school services, we can combine air quality monitoring with school workshops, monitoring air quality on campus and assisting schools to incorporate these actions within their school travel plans.

How we do it

  • Identify priority sites for monitoring and distribute monitoring equipment across the nominated sites by bicycle.
  • Install monitors or diffusion tubes in appropriate locations, considering airflow and to avoid tampering or damage.
  • Collect and replace diffusion tubes or filters throughout the project duration.
  • Provide reports and recommendations based on the air quality results.
  • Results are then presented in a bespoke report using GIS maps, graphs, or tables.

London Borough of Croydon

The London Borough of Croydon wanted to gather annual averages of Nitrogen Dioxide levels outside each of their 96 schools.

Key project statistics

  • 1,056 diffusion tubes installed
  • 2,340km cycled over the course of the project (180km per month)
  • Nitrogen dioxide readings recorded in June 2021 were almost 50 per cent less than in January 2021

View of Croydon.

City of Westminster

Our team worked with Westminster City Council to measure air quality across their school campuses, comparing indoor vs. outdoor results and any variation across the borough. To complete the project, our staff organised visits with over 90 schools every month. All our diffusion tubes were installed by bike, come rain or shine!

Key project statistics

  • Worked with 93 schools
  • 3,312 diffusion tubes installed across 369 sites
  • A total of 3,600km cycled throughout the project duration
Air quality diffusion tubes on a lamp post.

How we can help you

With many different pollutants and new exciting monitoring equipment being launched, air pollution assessments are a powerful tool for placemaking and stakeholder engagement. Whether you are proving the positive impact of a new school street or prioritising which area should receive engagement on wood burning, then we will be able to design a project to help.

For more information on our air quality monitoring service, contact, call us on 0207 960 2553 or fill in the form below.

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