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For over 10 years, we’ve helped local councils identify and successfully apply for grants and funds to provide capital for a range of sustainable transport projects. Through our bid writing service, we build innovative project methodologies designed to have the largest possible contribution to efficient travel and to help improve public health. To date, we’ve been able to create, and implement projects such as cargo bike programmes for businesses, air quality campaigns and educational school workshops.

In addition to writing applications, our team can support in implementing projects. From project management to completing agreed deliverables and providing evaluation reporting timetables, our team can manage each part of the project to ensure you get the most from your funding.


How we’ve helped local authorities

Successful bids have funded cargo bike promotion campaigns, and bike purchases. We’ve also secured funding for air quality campaigns, educating school children on air quality and climate change and launching walking and cycling buses.

We recently managed three simultaneous successful applications for three different local authorities to win over half a million pounds. All three projects are now being delivered, helping reduce transport emissions and improve public health.


How we can help you

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