Meet the Operator – Zedify


July 9, 2022

It’s that time again, ‘Meet the Operator’! We recently spoke with Head of Operations, James Nellist from Zedify, to find out how their business works and how they work with small and large businesses from different industries.

Who is Zedify and what do you do?

Zedify began life in 2018 when our two founders, CEO Rob King and CSO Sam Keam, joined forces and brought their two cycle logistics companies together under one brand and launched a plan to roll out into cities across the UK.

Right now, we have the largest cargo bike fleet in London. We mostly have tricycles in our fleet which hold around two cubic metres of space, which is about four times the size of regular cargo bikes. We do have four-wheel bikes which we used as part of the Bikes for Business bike convoy last June.

We do first and last mile deliveries, pick-ups and we also work with independent retailers and restaurants for their deliveries. Our Cambridge hub even does interdepartmental deliveries at Cambridge University.

To make sure we’re as time-efficient and cost-effective as possible, our deliveries are consolidated; that means we combine deliveries headed to similar neighbourhoods into one cargo bike. That way, there is greater efficiency which is important for environmental savings and cost, so our customers get a better price for the service.

For us, our strapline, ‘better deliveries for better cities,’ is what really sums us up. Cities don’t have to be filled with pollution, and pollution shouldn’t be a bi-product of our sector.

As for our riders, we pay a real living wage, and all of our riders are fully employed, we’re not part of the gig-economy. We support our riders any way we can and they’re paid fairly for their work, with a focus on the quality of deliveries they make. A lot of national companies are about the numbers, we’re about the quality.

Do you transport any unusual or large items?

We don’t really transport any unusual items, but we have delivered Michelin star meals from famous chefs which is definitely a bit different!

What advice would you give to businesses that are hesitant to using a cargo bike service?

Come and see our bikes, particularly our trikes as they’re so large, so they can hold a lot of product or even large items. As well as having a large holding capacity, our riders cover large areas for deliveries, and they don’t get stuck in traffic like vans!

Get in contact

If you’re based in SE1, SE16 or SE17 and would like to find out more about getting up to £700 in subsidies towards your own cargo bike, contact our team today at or call us on 0207 960 2553. Or, if you’d like to contact us to implement your own cargo bike project, contact us at