Brent Businesses Gear Up For Cargo Bikes

Brent cargo bike with Brent Council

June 2, 2021

This May, MP Smarter Travel partnered with Brent Council as they launched their first ever cargo bike project for businesses in and around Harlesden, to deliver goods and services, or for recycling collection. Three local businesses took part in this project, Sparks cycle shop, Harlesden Mutual Aid and Crazy Baker.

Sparks cycle shop used Zap Waste, working in partnership with Pedal Me, to collect their cardboard recycling. Instead of using a big truck which comes through the high street, restricting road access to pedestrians and other drivers, Zap Waste were able to park outside the shop, collect their recycling and load it into the bike, quickly and easily. What’s more, by using a cargo bike, carbon dioxide emissions were zero and there was no noise pollution.

“The Brent trial was a great opportunity for us to test collecting waste with cargo bikes. We offer simple, fast and flexible business waste collections, so it was important to put that to the test. We believe there is a healthy future for cargo bikes in waste logistics.”

Nic Hamilton, Founder, Zap Waste

Second to trial cargo bikes was Harlesden Mutual Aid, a local charity providing food and emergency supplies to residents in the area. Pedal Me were engaged to work with the charity to deliver both hot and cold food parcels and so far have delivered almost 200 meals.

Artisan bakery, Crazy Baker, known for their delicious cupcakes and fresh bread, also used Zap Waste to collect their dry mixed recycling. Located on a busy road with plenty of foot traffic, Zap Waste were able to pull up outside the bakery with little disruption to traffic and pedestrians, collect the recycling and head on to the recycling centre, quickly and easily. Again, as a result of using cargo bikes the trip had zero carbon emissions and made for a speedy pick up.

“We’re really excited to be working with MP Smarter Travel to support new businesses to transition away from slow and inefficient vans or cars to more modern cargo bike based services like ourselves. We’re often able to do the work of many motor vehicles with one cargo bike – saving our clients time and money and to make more sales.”

Ben Knowles, CEO and Rider, Pedal Me

The ability to implement environmentally friendly and efficient deliveries and recycling collection is easy and cost effective. With more and more London boroughs and cities across the UK embracing more eco-friendly ways to transport and deliver goods and services, cargo bikes are becoming increasingly popular.

At MP Smarter Travel, we’ve worked with a number of cities and London boroughs to help businesses make the switch from vans to cargo bikes including Brighton & Hove and Southwark. If you’re a local council and want to find out more about how we can help those in your local area use cargo bikes, contact us at