Bikes for Business: Lant Street Wine

October 12, 2023

About the Project

Working with businesses along London’s Low Line corridor in Southwark, Bikes for Business is making zero emission cargo bike deliveries the mainstream solution for business freight.

Now in it’s second phase, the project offers businesses up to £1,000 in subsidies and step by step advice through the transition to using cargo bikes.

Business Introduction

Lant Street Wine is an independent wine merchant based in Borough providing wines for both retail and trade customers. They originally delivered across London by van and would regularly encounter delays cause by congestion, affecting delivery times and costs. Lant Street Wine were searching for a more environmentally sustainable and reliable solution for their deliveries.


Pedivan was identified as an ideal courier to complete Lant Street Wine’s deliveries. Pedivan were chosen for their:

  • high capacity cargo bike
  • large delivery area
  • high quality customer service
  • experience delivering for other wine merchants

MP Smarter Travel established a relationship between Lant Street Wine and Pedivan and deliveries began.

“I would recommend other businesses make the switch to cargo bikes for a number of reasons; reduced emissions, reduced cost and goods being delivered promptly due to fewer issues with congestion”

Rudi Honjo – Lant Street Wine


After 750 deliveries with Pedivan, Lant Street Wine have not had one broken and missing item and report to have received an “exemplary” service, with prompt deliveries and a clear line of communication with Pedivan.

Last Street Wine have seen a monthly cost saving of around 5 – 10% with Pedivan in comparison to their previous van delivery service.

Cargo bike capacity has also not been an issue. A single Pedivan cargo bike was able to carry Lant Street Wines’ largest order of 20 cases or 320kg.