Bikes for Business: Genuine Dining Caters by Cargo Bike

October 12, 2023

About the Project

Working with businesses along London’s Low Line corridor in Southwark, Bikes for Business is making zero emission cargo bike deliveries the mainstream solution for business freight.

Now in it’s second phase, the project offers businesses up to £1000 in subsidies and step-by-step advice through the transition to using cargo bikes.

Business Introduction

Founded in 20120, Genuine Dining is a value – driven contract catering business based in London.

With social responsibility and environmental sustainability at its core, Genuine Dining wanted to find a way to reduce their transport emissions from delivering food and equipment to their clients.


Before working with Bikes for Business, Genuine Dining was already using electric vans but wanted to go further in reducing transport emissions by purchasing their own cargo bike.

Genuine Dining discussed their requirements with the Bikes for Business team and trialed several cargo bikes from a local retailer. This ensured they purchased a suitable cargo bikes that could carry food trays as well as serving and display equipment, securely across the city.

The cargo bike they purchased with the subsidy was the Urban Arrow Cargo L (Electric Cargo). The bike can be set up as a flat bed or with a lockable front box. Boxes for this bike can carry between 260-350 litres and up to 150kg.

“Customers absolutely love the cargo bikes – it fits with their sustainability goals.”

Robbi Laidlaw – Business Development Director


Reduced Emissions – In one day, Genuine Dining cycle around 15 – 20 miles per day in their cargo bike, equating to 4,550 miles per year which saves 1,500 kg worth of Co2.

Speedy Deliveries – Cargo bike riders use side streets and cycle lanes to bypass London’s congested roads saving time delivering items as they don’t need to find a parking space.

Great PR – Their cargo bikes have proven popular with the public as well as current and prospective clients . As one of the only contract caterers using cargo bikes, this had helped to promote their business and protect the environment.

Cost effective – To date, running costs for their cargo bikes have been lower than for their vans and there are no parking fines!