Sustainable Transport Planning


Since 2012, we’ve worked with organisations across London and the home counties to listen and understand the transport needs of those who live, work and study in the area and help them find more sustainable ways to travel.

Our sustainable travel planning service can be used for businesses, industrial parks, places of worship and community groups to help understand transport patterns, barriers to sustainable travel and how to make more environmentally friendly choices when it comes to going from A to B.

Key benefits of a sustainable travel planning service:

  • Reach large, targeted groups of people from schools to private businesses
  • Engage hard to reach and underrepresented groups in the community
  • Create change on a large scale, reduce road congestion, improve air quality and improve overall physical health of those in and around the local community.

Places of Worship

We worked with a local London borough to engage with places of worship to understand:

  • How congregants travel to and from services,
  • Reduce congestion and improve air quality
  • Understand barriers to sustainable travel
  • Promote more environmentally friendly ways of travel.

After speaking with members across each place of worship, we created and distributed a bespoke range of easily accessible travel plans.

Cathedral next to a street with cars.

Industrial Business Parks

Industrial business parks are often outside the city centre and easily accessible by car and HGVs, leading to high levels of air pollution, road safety risks and road damage. 

We worked with an east London business park to survey 5,000 employees from the 450 businesses onsite as well as residents in the surrounding area. The surveys helped understand the barriers people faced getting to and from work and how these could be addressed. 

We then worked to design active and public transport solutions, helping goods and employees to travel to local businesses more sustainably.

Industrial park


Queen’s Hospital in Havering engaged MP Smarter Travel to survey their staff of 5,000 professionals covering administration, shift workers, doctors, nurses, hospitality contractors and many more to understand how they get to and from work. 

Our consultants analysed the survey responses, using them to track changes in travel behaviour and build recommendations to increase the uptake of sustainable travel. The results will feed into their NHS Green Plan.

Two people walking in a hospital corridor.

How we can help you 

If you’re looking to review and assess transport in your local area and would like assistance in reaching out to groups, organisations and businesses, MP Smarter Travel can help. For more information, contact or fill in the form below.

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