STARS and School Travel Plans


Since 2012, we’ve worked closely with local authorities and schools to build effective and easy-to-implement school travel plans. Travel plans help schools guide pupils and parents to adopt more active and sustainable travel, building a healthier and happier school community. We strive to give students the freedom to travel independently.


How do we manage travel plans?

In London, we build and track travel plans through TfL STARS, an accredited scheme. Outside of London, our team use Modeshift STARS, and in some cases, a bespoke platform specific to local areas. Our team help schools build their travel plan account and populate it with data on how students and staff travel to school. We’ll then plan and evidence a full year of engaging transport-related activities, designed to help schools achieve the highest accreditation, gold.


Our service includes

  • Staff training sessions on STARS and how to collect evidence of activities
    Travel to school surveys (Hands Up Surveys)
  • Identifying and supporting school travel champions
  • Creating and maintaining an activity calendar for the school year
  • Providing school workshops and assemblies, teaching students about sustainable travel, road safety, air pollution or an introduction to highway engineering.
  • Setting up Student Travel Ambassador programs
  • Reporting and submitting results of school’s progression throughout the year

“MP Smarter Travel has been running School Travel Plan workshops and supporting schools to gain TfL STARS accreditation for us since 2012 and have been successful in increasing the number of schools accredited. One academic year we had a record number of 65 schools accredited, and most recently have had nine schools achieve gold and 14 schools obtain silver accreditation.”

London Borough of Bexley

Recent Achievements

  • We’ve helped the London Borough of Tower Hamlets schools achieve a 90% sustainable transport mode split, meaning only 10% of school trips are done by car.
  • Our team manage school travel plans for around 270 schools per year.
  • We recently gathered over 44,000 student mode split survey responses for the London Borough of Newham, telling us how students currently travel to school.

“The feedback we received from schools was very positive, with many school travel plan champions commenting on the usefulness of the workshops and the one-to-one advice received during school visits.”

Enfield Council

How we can help you

We can deliver our school travel plan service at scale, supporting all of the schools in your local area. We’ll engage schools, make sustainable transport an attractive option for families and show the impact of our work through regular travel surveys.

For more information on our school workshops and assemblies contact us by emailing or fill in the form below.

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