Bikes For Business: Recorra

October 23, 2023

About the project

Working with businesses along London’s Low Line corridor in Southwark, Bikes for Business is making zero-emission cargo bike deliveries the mainstream solution for business freight. Now in it’s second phase, the project offers businesses up to £1,000 in subsidies and step by step advice through the transition to using cargo bikes.

Business Introduction

Founded in 1988, Recorra services thousands of businesses in London and the UK through it’s recycling collection and office supplies. Prior to switching to cargo bike courier deliveries, Recorra’s office supplies were sent out in vans direct from wholesalers. While an increasing number of these vans were electric, there was little transparency on vehicle type from the wholesalers.


Given the large number of deliveries in different parts of London, as well as variable and non predictable orders, Recorra wanted to work with a courier company with a large cargo bike fleet to provide capacity for peak demand. The Bikes for Business team matched them with courier company Zedify, a living wage employer, who are one of the “Escape the City Top 100” employers.

We are delighted to be the first company t use cargo bikes to deliver office supplies in central London. The benefits are numerous, including the reduction in carbon and nitrous oxide emissions, and is an example of how small changes can drive large improvements

Mark Ogden – Head of Marketing and the circular Economy for Recorra


Recorra undertook a successful pilot with Zedify, in which 75% of central London deliveries were sent by cargo bike. Since then, Recorra has continued to use Zedify for it’s central London deliveries, where possible.

Reduced emissions In the trial period alone, 500 van deliveries were avoided, thereby reducing carbon emissions and congestion in central London.

Great PR The switch to cargo bikes has also benefited the brand and increased customer satisfaction. As the only office supply company using cargo bikes in central London, this has helped set Recorra apart from their competitors.

Cost effective Compared to the purchase of electric dustcarts, switching to cargo bikes has helped them maintain their delivery and collection costs.