Bikes for Business: 3Cycle

October 23, 2023

About the project

Working with businesses along London’s Low Line corridor in Southwark, Bikes for Business is making zero-emission cargo bike deliveries the mainstream solution for business freight. Now in it’s second phase, the project offers businesses up to £1,000 in subsidies and step by step advice through the transition to using cargo bikes.

Business Introduction

Founder, Felipe Ramirez- Castrillon, started 3Cycle, a window cleaning company, after accompanying a friend on a job and seeing first hand the environmental footprint of conventional cleaning companies. Since starting over a year ago, 3Cycle provides environmentally sustainable window cleaning services to storefronts and restaurants in central London, counting household brands among his clients, all with zero tail pipe emissions.


Felipe started his business on a standard pedal bike but soon realised this was an inefficient way to carry water to multiple jobs. The Bikes for Business team discussed Felipe’s requirements, taking into account the equipment, cleaning supplies and ability to transport water and helped him choose the right bike for his business: an Urban Arrow XL, which was purchased through Fully Charged.

The Urban Arrow XL is fitted with a lockable container which has a 600 litre capacity and can carry up to 150kg. With a 500wh battery, the cargo bike can be used all day without having to stop to recharge.

Such a good transition. I don’t know why more people don’t do it

Felipe – Founder 3Cycle


Reduced emissions Covering more then 3,300 miles in a year, using a cargo bike has helped 3Cycle to avert approximately 850kg of CO2 emissions.

Faster service As cargo bikes are able to use cycle lanes and side streets and don’t need to use a parking spot, 3Cycle can complete more jobs in a short space of time.

Health Riders are active and burning calories, rathe than sitting behind the wheel of a van.

Great PR Having a cargo bike has proven popular with 3Cycles clients, particularly their corporate clients, and has helped to attract and retain customers.

Cost Effective The cargo bikes have significantly lower upfront and running costs than a van and there are no parking fines to contend with.