MP Smarter Travel to deliver Tower Hamlets School Travel Plan programme for second year running

MP Smarter Travel will be delivering the School Travel Plan programme on behalf of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets for the second year in a row. This work builds upon our strong background in increasing school engagement, mode shift and STARS accreditation. 

Figure 1 provides a summary of MP Smarter Travel’s achievements in increasing total school accreditation (Gold, Silver or Bronze). All multi-year work on borough programmes are shown, including the school year prior to MP Smarter Travel’s involvement.

STP fig 1

Figure 1 shows consistent growth in School Travel Plan accreditation in the first four to six years of MP Smarter Travel’s management of the programme before plateauing. Accreditation in Tower Hamlets increased from 13 in 2016-17 (the year prior to MP Smarter Travel’s management of the programme) to 57 in 2017-18.

STP fig 2

Figure 2 shows strong growth in the number of schools achieving Gold accreditation, with only one year of decline (Lewisham 2015-16), which bucks the trend of growth through to the 2017-18 school year. This chart shows the achievements of moving accredited schools to higher levels of accreditation, which are not visible in Figure 1.

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