MP Smarter Travel to collect data on school travel in City of Westminster

MP Smarter Travel has been awarded a contact with Westminster City Council to deliver ‘Hands Up’ surveys at 33 schools. These surveys gather data on the mode of travel that children currently use to travel to school, and the mode that they would like to use if they could choose. MP Smarter Travel will make all arrangements with schools, and will conduct surveys by speaking with children in classrooms to ensure that data is thorough and accurate.

This work is an extension of a project we delivered for Westminster City Council in the 2017-18 school year, and focuses on schools in 20mph zones. The data will be used to understand School Travel Plans’ influence on mode of travel. It will also form part of the evidence base for the Westminster City Council’s Sustainable Modes of Travel Strategy (SMoTS), which sets out all the proposals and programmes that will be undertaken to encourage school communities to choose safer, healthier and environmentally friendly methods of travel.

If you are looking for support with stakeholder engagement, survey deliery or data analysis, feel free to get in touch.